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Pacifica Performances


1220-B Linda Mar

Pacifica, CA 94044


fax 650.355.1752








2014–15 Foundation Support:

A Tides Foundation fund

Government Support:



    Collector’s Circle

    Artistic Director’s Circle

In-Kind Donors:

Gwenn Connolly Graphic Design

Amy Sullivan

Community Support:



2014–15 Individual Donors:

Medici Circle Sponsors of the Arts

Jerry Ross Barrish & Nancy Russell, Pacifica

Kathy Miller & Manny Peix, Pacifica

Patrons of the Arts

Cherie Chan & Bruce Ferry, Pacifica

Alan Grinberg, Pacifica Daly City

Petra Schumann, Pacifica


Champions of the Arts

Cindy Abbott, Pacifica

Grace Cohen & Bill Bernstein, Hercules

Sue Digre, Pacifica

Gale Frances, Pacifica

Mary Harris, Pacifica

Michael Moore, Walnut Creek

Linda Salter, San Mateo

Kathleen & Henry Salvia, Brisbane

Arthur Takayama, San Bruno


Friends of the Arts

Jennifer Alpaugh, Pacifica

Robert Armstrong, Monterey

Deni Asnis, Pacifica

Lora & Tom Baciocco, Pacifica

Caroline & Harry Barba, Pacifica

Kirstin Barrett, Menlo Park

G. Lee Boerger, San Francisco

Nicole Bouley, Pacifica

Gene Chasey, San Carlos

Sydney Clark, Pacifica

Mary Corrigan, Pacifica

Jan Couvillon, San Francisco

Judy Culjak, Pacifica

Izumi Deza, Belmont

Patrice Dougherty, Half Moon Bay

Maryann Dresner, San Francisco

Enid Emde, Pacifica

Barbara & Frank Erbacher, Pacifica

Theresa & Roque Erfe, Daly City

Dan Evenhouse, Pacifica

Sylvia Fandel, Daly City

Lola Fraknoi, San Francisco

David Gilson, Pacifica

Lisa Goldschmid, San Francisco

Kathryn Guralnick, Daly City

Jan Hanway, Pacifica

Chai Henn, Pacifica

Denny Holland, Daly City

Joyce & Bruce Huston, Pacifica

Sandy Irber, Montara

Helen & Lowell James, Pacifica

Barbara Jennings, Pacifica

Abigail Johnston, San Francisco

Randy Jones, South San Francisco

Marsha & Mark Jurasin, Burlingame

Judy Kay, Pacifica

Charles P. Linden, Pacifica

Karen & Conrado Linsangan, Montara

Joanne & Barry Lipton, Pacifica

Virginia Lyons, Pacifica

Lisa Mann, Pacifica

Nancy Margulies, Montara

Liz Maxwell, Oakland

Tony May, San Jose

Lisa McCutcheon, San Anselmo

John Q. McDonald, Pleasanton

Jennifer P. & Mike McGahan, Pacifica

Kathleen McGuire, Pacifica

Jim Melchert, Oakland

Bonnie Miller, Pacifica

Helen Munson, Berkeley

Mary & Roger Murray, Union City

John Nico, Winter Park, FL

Julie & Brian Novak-McSweeney, Daly City

Eblis & Jack Ogden, Sacramento

Helen & Mark Olson, South San Francisco

Dorothy Paik, San Bruno

Carmen Pegan & Karl Johnson, Pacifica

Sam Perry & Marianna Stark, Oakland

Marilyn Proffitt, San Mateo

Sandra Prusoff, Daly City

Christian A. Ryvlin, Pacifica

Ward Schumaker, San Francisco

Carl Schwab, Pacifica

Donna J. Scott, Pacifica

Charlotte Seekamp, San Francisco

Marcia Settel, Pacifica

Margaret & Michael Sheldon, Yolo

Gail Benton Shoemaker, Pacifica

Ruth Stege, Pacifica

Jan Stevenson, San Francisco

Augusta Talbot, San Francisco

Renée Melchert Thorpe, Montara

Susan Trecroci, Pacifica

Jane C. Velasco, Pacifica

Ryckje Wagner & John Hall, Pacifica

Deborah Walker, San Francisco

Lou & Glennie Wall, Montara

Bob Wharton, Pacifica

June Yokell, San Rafael

Wanxin Zhang, San Francisco